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What is Stepping In ?

Stepping in 4 Respect is a systems-based initiative for institutions that are committed to positively affecting the delivery of healthcare by creating a culture of respect and inclusion. The overall program is designed to provide two levels of engagement: institutional leadership and the healthcare and support teams comprised of faculty, staff and trainees, students.

We are excited to share our work and experiences in this much-needed area of organizational change. Our team at UVA continues to build a Collaborative of academic and healthcare institutions that are interested in building a culture of inclusion and respect in healthcare. We believe that as a Collaborative, we can collectively demonstrate the benefits of this approach for improving the culture of healthcare through the creation of a community of practice and learning.

For more information about becoming a partner in this collaborative project please contact to Jann T. Balmer PHD RN, Director, Office of Continuing Medical Education at or via telephone at (434) 924-5950.

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Benefits of the Collaborative…

  • A two year engagement in IRB approved research with surveys to assess effectiveness of workshops (prepost and 6 month surveys) and an annual climate survey of trainees
  • Access to the web portal for the Collaborative that includes research surveys, all planning materials, videos, reader’s theatre, facilitator guides and resources to support organizational change
  • Opportunity to engage in a community of learning and practice with other healthcare institutions on challenges in fostering respect and inclusion Opportunity to collaborate on publications and presentations by the Collaborative on topics of respect and inclusion
  • Opportunity to track and present/publish single institution data
  • Engagement and participation in the Train the Trainer Workshop
  • Data management for the survey and climate data at your institutions
  • Opportunity to contribute ideas, solutions, planning and resource materials to the Collaborative webportal


2021 Train the Trainer Workshops

"I think the entire workshop is great and it helps to improve our campus culture; thank you for the great job. Thanks for including me in the Stepping In training yesterday. It was eye-opening to hear the stories the interns shared and I was grateful to be able to make some small contributions. This work is absolutely great and it is gratifying to be part of it and to see it continue to grow."
"I thought the session was very worthwhile. It is surprising how often these issues come up."
"I think the entire workshop is great and it helps to improve our campus culture; thank you for the great job. The deep problem is the main culture of country that does not respect science and education, and politicians go one extreme or the other. That said, we could (at least) do our job and make a better working place to a better place."
"I very much did appreciate the zoom-workshop today and it gave me many good points to think about. It also helps me to improve my interaction with challenging patients, team members and others. I would very much appreciate if this zoom-meeting workshop could be an ongoing series where we (frontline clinicians) get the opportunity like today to gain some more knowledge, to practice it but also have the opportunity to brainstorm together. I honestly was blown away hearing how many staff members have experienced and are experiencing discrimination and how it makes them feel which kind of helps me to deal better with these situations as well."
"This is a critically important program that we believe ALL faculty should take. One of the most vital aspects of creating an enduring culture of diversity and equity is the ability for individuals to respond quickly and appropriately when they witness discriminatory behavior. This workshop effectively achieves this goal. I would also encourage all to use this workshop as a part of your continuing work to foster respect and inclusion."
"This is indeed a critically important program and I support the idea of making this mandatory for all faculty."

2019 Train the Trainer Workshop

"The workshop was very informative and provided an opportunity for me to learn what others are doing to address incivility and inclusion. It was also great for networking and being able to share frustrations and discuss possible solutions in a safe, welcoming environment."
"The training was very informative and will be useful to my institution as we develop related programs."
"The Train the Trainers course bought out some raw emotions. I felt the training was well structured and organized. The dialogue and feedback initiated great conversation and talking points to share with my colleagues."