About Us

Thank you so much for your interest in the Stepping In: Creating a Culture of Respect and Inclusion initiative. We are excited to share our work and experiences in this much-needed area of organizational change. Our team at UVA continues to build a Collaborative of academic and healthcare institutions that are interested in building a culture of inclusion and respect in healthcare. We believe that as a Collaborative, we can collectively demonstrate the benefits of this approach for improving the culture of healthcare through the creation of a community of practice and learning. This initiative includes three major components:

  1. Train the Trainer Conference—this 2-day virtual conference serves as the foundation for the program. Through four 2-hour Zoom meetings , the content and activities include interactive workshop sessions, facilitation training using the workshop materials, the online awareness brief, the reader's theatre, and the opportunity to workshop institutional policy and communication at your institution. The registration for the two- day workshop if $650/person. We recommend that the group be 20 people or less.
  2. Stepping In 4 Respect Workshop—this two-hour workshop is for clinicians and healthcare professionals/teams. This interactive workshop is designed to help individuals use a positive approach to addressing discriminatory behavior in the healthcare environment. By using video scenarios, interactive debriefing discussions and improvisation experiences, participants can discuss and practice responses to the scenarios in a safe and supportive environment.
  3. A two-year licensing agreement for the Collaborative/research and organizational change initiative. This agreement outlines the expectations/agreement for institutions to participate in the IRB approved surveys for students and to actively track the changes/transformation in the organization. We ask that institutions approach this project as an interprofessional initiative that can benefit all healthcare team members, students, and trainees. For charter members of the Collaborative, the cost for an annual license with access to all research, training and resource materials, is $15,000/year. Once we receive confirmation of your interest, we will forward the licensing agreement to you.

We encourage institutions to consider broad engagement through coordination across departments, schools and programs when committing to this initiative. Interested institutions should actively pursue the coordination of resources and funds to build an institution wide-commitment that can truly demonstrate positive outcomes for inclusion and respect. Collaborative member institutions will have access to the educational materials, (including videos, facilitator guides, online training materials, reader’s theatre), as well as the surveys that will all be accessible through a password protected web portal. Each institution can access and track their institutional data. Participating institutions will also have an opportunity to be engaged in Collaborative based publications and presentations if interested.